We are so in love with Sweden-based illustrator Ingela P Arrhenius at the moment.  Her beautiful illustrations ooze 50's and 60's retro simplicity and she has a knack for creating the most adorable characters.

The "Where's Mr and Mrs" animal series takes your youngest ones on a colourful hide-and-seek adventure.  Whether you choose to journey through a garden with Mrs Ladybird, a forest with Mr Owl, a jungle with Mr Lion or a farmyard with Mrs Hen you will be sure to meet lots of cute characters along your way.


Once little hands are more developed Main Street Magic more than lives up to its name.  Visit the bakery, fish market, hair salon, museum, and circus, lifting flaps to make extraordinary discoveries as you wander through this small town.  Peer through the die-cut windows of the bakery to admire its mouthwatering croissants, then lift the gatefold to waltz inside where there are additional flaps and wonderful delicacies to discover. 


Ingela's collaboration with the French toy makers Vilac is something special and from our range of beautifully designed and crafted wooden toys that include building/stacking toys and skipping ropes, the pull-along toys have to be amongst our favourites.  In a hotly contested competition between the hen, the astronaut and the elephant, the musical hen and chick is our in-house winner (we may or may not have been swayed by the fact it plays the can-can!).

There's always room to squeeze one more toy in the stocking and our final addition this year is going to be one of these fun kaleidoscopes though we keep flip-flopping about which one to choose!

Every year we dream of a white Christmas and every year we've been disappointed!  Here in the UK Glasgow is currently looking like a snow-lovers best bet with odds as high as 2-1, in Brighton we're taking no chances and if its another wet one we will at least be taking shelter with Vilac's stylish children's umbrellas. The space themed brolly with a gorgeous wooden astronaut handle is our little ones favourite though the cat and bear are equally adorable.

Indulge yourself further with a look at our complete collection here or come visit our beautiful store in the heart of Brighton's North Laine area.

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