We have recently welcomed Dook Soaps to the Junior Edition family and, if you're a Brighton local, you might have already noticed them in-store.

Dook, which quite literally means 'to dip, plunge or bathe', are a small but perfectly formed company hailing from Edinburgh.  They make the most extraordinary salt soap, in small batches, using only the finest organic ingredients and essential oils.  Once you've used one believe me, there is no turning back!

Every batch of soap is mixed and poured by hand and the colouring itself is all completely natural. This is a beautifully luxurious beauty product, produced sustainably and we are absolutely thrilled to stock a range of products that includes soap, a shampoo bar and a gorgeous hair conditioning oil.

No strangers to the art of soap making, and after years of making cold pressed soap with traditional ingredients, Dook decided to add Himalayan salt to their recipe with the most remarkable results. Adding this ingredient produced the most incredible colour and texture, giving life to a firm and long-lasting soap bar that is beautifully rich in all of the minerals your skin loves to love.

Choosing sustainable products that are sympathetically produced is so important to us when looking at new and exciting brands to bring onboard and Dook tick all of those boxes. Sustainability and plastic reduction is key to both their manufacturing processes and approach to retail with all plastics kept to an absolute minimum during production and all packaging and shipping materials made exclusively from recycled and/or recyclable materials.


The main oils that you find in these distinctive soaps are organic and come from sustainable sources whilst their magical raw shea butter comes from a women's co-operative run by Georgina Koomson, based in Wa in Northern Ghana. Through the manufacturing of Shea Butter, 600 women support a local community of over 2400 individuals, boosting the local economy and facilitating projects that have helped with the provision of clean water and schooling amongst a number of other initiatives.

Shea Butter is a remarkable ingredient and used in its raw, unrefined organic form, (as it is by Dook) means that it is absolutely bursting with goodness including vitamins A, E, F and K, and oleic and stearic fatty acids. It really does work wonders for the skin, resulting in a much softer and smoother appearance that is both protected and nourished.

We currently stock 5 different fragrances, each distinctively different in appearance as well as smell, together with the shampoo bar made from Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Honey and the gloriously nourishing leave-in conditioning oil which helps promote healthy hair and stimulates the scalp.

What is soap without a dish? The perfect partner for these wonderful soaps comes in the form of a handmade ceramic soap dish created by Oba Studios in Berlin, available in 4 colours and also online now.

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