In our house the countdown to counting down Christmas (!) started this week with little fingers eager to get into the new advent calendars they can see on the side. I'm almost as excited as they are because, in spite of all the early Christmas preparations we make at the shop, December 1st is when it all starts feeling official - when that first door is prised open the magic starts to flow and the kids know its just a few more days before the decorations and tree go up at home too.

We've plumped for two of the Meri Meri calendars we stock this year  - Adelaide chose the gorgeous enamel hair slide version. You get a new clip every day and it comes in a pretty hanging jewellery roll that features a glitter elastic fastener and neon tassel which not only looks fabulous but will keep all the slides safely stored for the weeks to come rather than them being strewn across the house! 

Sylvia has the nativity advent calendar, each numbered day reveals a wooden piece to build up the most beautiful nativity scene. I think she'll love the colours and the characters and enjoy making up her own version of events with all of the little figures and, if truth be told, its the one I really wanted to get this year!

The final calendar in the Meri Meri range builds day by day to create a sweet woodland scene. This set comes in a pretty suitcase, with a leather handle, covered with a charming festive design. Inside are numbered trays which reveal small etched wooden pieces which come together to create a scene of woodland animals around a Christmas tree. As with the nativity set this can be packed away carefully to be used year after year which as well as becoming something of a lovely tradition is kind to the environment too.


For anyone making their own advent calendars this year, we have lots of pint sized goodies that fit beautifully into the little pockets or trays of re-usable versions. I did one myself several years ago and spent the best part of 3 months sourcing all the little gifts to go inside, it was a real joy to do but quite a project! The stocking fillers section is a good place to start on our website, lots of smaller sized gifts can be found there and the felt tree decorations would be a good fit too.

We're hopeful that we will be able to re-open the shop around the same time as our advent calendars this year but of course wait for updated government advice on that count.

In the meantime you can of course shop online with us, our Christmas web shop is now open and we have gifts for every pocket as well as tree decorations, tableware, crackers, gift wrap, cards and tags, stocking fillers and of course some really gorgeous clothing if you like to put your kids in something special Christmas Day.

Heartfelt thanks, as ever, for your continued support over the festive season!

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