Candylab Toys have been a staple at Junior Edition for some years but our love has never once wavered in all that time and we are as besotted with them now as the very first time we set eyes on these brilliant vehicles.

Candylab Toys have drawn on a deep love of classic American cars to create the most exquisite collection of elegant and endearing wooden vehicles loved by both kids and adults alike, the gasps that they draw at the shop, especially from grown men, never ceases to make me smile!

Candylab have built their business model around creating products that do not harm the environment, making a very conscious step to avoid contributing to the growing problem of mass-produced plastic. They use biodegradable and renewable materials whenever possible and as much as possible. Wood, soy inks, water-based paints, degradable rubber, and metal parts are all part of their old school way of making toys, with a modern design twist. These are look good AND feel good toys.

Whilst the collection continues to grow and evolve, some of the oldest and original classic designs remain our favourites and are often the styles that some of younger customers are most drawn to. One of the very first pieces in my own collection was the New York Taxi and we have just added a really great twin pack online called the Junior City Set that includes both a smaller version of the original taxi together with the police cruiser.

Escape the wet and cold (because lets face it the weather here in the UK is HORRENDOUS at the moment) with the Endless Summer themed vehicles that bring sunshine vibes whatever the weather is saying outside. The Woodie cars feature a magnet embedded in the roof, and a surfboard that snaps onto it whilst the Pioneer carries a canoe. There's even a Camper Caravan that magnetically attaches to both the Woodie or Pioneer Candylab car for that all encompassing road trip vibe! 

There is a HUGE buzz around one of the very newest lines, the Candycar Food Trucks which are part wooden and part die-cast. A collection currently consisting of nine designs, these are are flying off the shelves and it is not hard to see why, I've bagged six of the styles for myself already and its only a matter of time before thats all nine! Currently in stock we have all of the following vans - Taco, Milk, Hamburger, Pretzel, Fried Chicken, Waffle, Hot Dog, Ice Cream and my personal favourite the Donut!


Also new to store are the HotRods - minimalist versions of 40's era racers that started it all. There are four models in total - Harlequin, Penicillin, Sheriff and Southern Belle. The Sheriff comes with a gorgeous black matte coat of paint, a single red light arm placed sideways, and awkward scribbling of the precinct numbers on its roof. This is the epitome of the churning and drama of bringing law and order to those hard years!

I've barely scratched the surface on this amazing collection of cars and believe me when I say thy really are worth a second look. We have range that exceeds 60 different designs - online now!

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