Bobo Choses is our first Spring/Summer collection of the year and WOW! What a way to start... For President is everything we love about Bobo - soft naturals meet beautiful bolds and quirky, colourful prints abound.

Ear-to-ear smiles, friendly pet lions, funny peppers presidential candidates, big tomatoes and smiley-fingered hands  - this collection is SO much fun and one the kids are guaranteed to want to wear.

The first of two drops launched on Thursday 14th January after several weeks of teasers and a lot of excited chatter (we just LOVE a bit of buzz!). Our first drop selection consists of over 150 individual pieces, covering every clothing item imaginable and some lovely accessories too. Baby sizes start at 3 months and go up to 36 months whilst the kids range starts at 2 years and goes all the way through to 11 years.

The hardest part of any blog is trying to decide on a few keys looks to showcase when in truth I love it all!

The eyes were super popular on launch day with sizes in some styles already sold out! The jersey shorts and short sleeved tee have been a best seller and the socks really popular too. This print also comes as a dusty pink dress and long sleeved t-shirt plus my personal favourite, a midi skirt in the most amazing swedish blue!

The Pepper for President print is so much fun and comes in heaps of styles across baby and kid sizes as well as some super cute accessories that include an AMAZING school bag and a cute little necklace and patches pack. If you sit in the camp that finds buying shorts and tank tops tricky this early in the year (not me!) this jogger and sweatshirt combo are just perfect for now.

Lots of really lovely Vichy this season with a baby body, trousers and culottes plus shorts, culotte trousers, overalls, headbands and a pretty buttoned top for the older ones. Its a timeless look and the baby pieces are proving especially popular already.

The For President collection boasts a variety of fabrics, weights and textures with conventional materials having been replaced with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact on both the environment and human health.

Plain knit, rib, smooth fleece, poplin, seersucker and twill are all 100% organic cotton. Denim fibres are recycled ones and the swimwear is made of recycled technical fabrics. In total 88% of SS21 cotton yarn is organic *GOTS certified whilst 92% of the baby collection is organic *GOTS certified. 

Almost all of the SS21 production is made locally (83% Spain, 15% Portugal) and around 80% is produced no more than 20km away from Bobo's headquarters. 

We'll let you know the drop 2 date just as soon as we hear but in the meantime mark Thursday 21st January in your diary when we will be going live with the adult collection. My personal wish-list on this one is HUGE, the grown-up twist on this collection is one of my favourite so-far.

Bobo Choses, For President, online now.


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