Baby feet. Right now I can't think of anything in the world cuter than those teeny toes on tiny feet and oh the excitement when the wee one takes their first steps! I remember my joy lasting approximately one whole hour before I realised what this truly meant.....what a game-changer!!!

Amy & Ivor children's footwear is a small business established and run by mum Alice Hedley. They are passionate about baby feet and their soft structure and breathable leather moccasins are kind to developing feet, recognising that the soft bone structure of a child’s foot is better left to grow unrestricted.

We have a great selection of their fabulous shoes here at Junior Edition and are huge fans of these beautifully soft creations.

With winter dealing some really cold spells the fluffy yeti moccasins in burnt sienna and black are proving to be a real hit. A modern and simple, well fitting foot shaped design, with unique combination of colour blocking, printed leather and fringe detail at the front. They are so easy to put on and the elasticated design really does stay on little feet.

The simple fringed moccasin is perhaps their most iconic shoe and we stock it here in nude, slate, and burnt sienna. Made from baby safe vegetable tanned chrome free leather that is naturally soft, supple and breathable. The soft soled structure is kind even to the tiniest of developing feet and is the best footwear for their developing sense of balance.

As young children start to move and develop motor skills its important not to hinder them with heavily structured and cumbersome footwear. That doesn't mean that boot styles need to be ruled out though and Amy and Ivor have created a beautiful range of high tops. As with all of their shoes the soft leather sole is ideal for indoor and light outdoor use in dry conditions, protecting little feet and allowing young walkers to still feel the surfaces they tread upon.  

Winner of numerous awards, Amy & Ivor has gained recognition as the best and most stylish footwear choice for small people. With an ethical and environmentally conscious mindset, they have strived to source the best quality and most eco friendly and safest materials to use in their shoes.

We stock Amy and Ivor shoes in sizes 1-4 which effectively covers up to 18 months. Indulge yourself further with a look at our complete collection here or come visit our store in the heart of Brighton's North Laine area and see these beautiful shoes for yourself!

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