More new season is live!

New collections are live!

Launching this week - new drops from Emile Et Ida, James Street Co, Wynken, The Simple Folk, LF Markey, Rylee + Cru and Tocoto Vintage.

And gorgeous new arrivals of winter footwear from Young Soles and Petit Nord too!

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Mini Rodini on Marvellous Outdoor Adventures

The new Autumn 2021 collection M. Rodini on Marvellous Outdoor Adventures is here, with chapter 1 taking you on a kayak safari in Greenland spotting polar bears and walruses.  See if you can spot winterflowers along your journey to meet ferocious Nanuq, master of all bears!

Chapter 2 continues outdoor pursuits taking you on a hiking adventure in the mountain of Northern Sweden.  Learn new skills, including birdwatching, toasting marshmallows over a campfire and spotting beavers and squirrels!

Finally, Chapter 3 takes you across the Alps on a search to find the mythical Edelweiss flower.  Look out for the extensive outerwear offer in this collection, with ski prints, the return of the wonderful Ritzratz print in primary colours, Edelweiss flowers and much more!

Mini Rodini

Bobo Choses Talking Bobo

Talking Bobo is the new AW21 collection from Bobo Choses.  Talking Bobo is a way of being.  Although most adults may not understand it, it is very natural for children.  Living on the border between reality and imagination, swapping between logic and nonsense, accepting everyone as a friend whether big or small, colourful, shy or grumpy, real or invented.  Stretching and compressing time as they please.  Let’s talk Bobo!

As always, Bobo Choses goes for unisex clothing in the latest collection with garments relatively wide and comfortable, to combine in multiple ways for both boys and girls. Colours, prints and shapes are adapted for the baby collection to better suit the little ones, making it a fun and easy-to-combine collection.

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The Simple Folk

The Simple Folk

We are thrilled to welcome The Simple Folk to Junior Edition this Autumn. Minimalist, organic and oh-so beautiful clothing for babies and young children up to 10 years of age, whose roots in nature and the natural world can be keenly felt.

Conceived by two friends during their shared journey through the early years of motherhood, Jamie Morea (who is based in Portugal, amongst their community of talented sewers and knitters) and Abi Brown (who lives in and works from London) wanted to create clothing for children reflective of their own lifestyle and philosophy, products that they found surprisingly difficult to find elsewhere, in the sea of fast-fashion brands.

October 07, 2021
Hvid  - Soft, Pure and Kind

Hvid - Soft, Pure and Kind

Belgium based Hvid, founded by Caroline Camerlynck, make exquisitely crafted knitted goods for babies and young children. From blankets and booties to cold weather accessories, cocoons and comforters. These are heirloom pieces to treasure, perfect in every way.

When the Danish speak of hvid', they speak of the purest colour of all: white - a colour that is as fresh as snow and soft as milk.  Interestingly, every Hvid design is first made in pure white, to create the finest subtleties in the pattern and find the perfect weight. There is a genuine commitment to producing the very finest, luxury, soft knitted goods possible that is reflected in the beauty of every piece produced.

September 14, 2021
Talking Bobo!

Talking Bobo!

Talking Bobo is a way of being. Non-sensical to adults but a very real and natural way of being for children, where imaginations run wild and reality is turned on its head.

The collection itself is born out of a series of original stories and poems (also available to buy) that eventually come to life in the form of prints and shapes you find in every range from the magical universe of Bobo Choses.

September 01, 2021