The Spring/Summer 2023 collection from The Animals Observatory has not long landed with us here at Junior Edition, close to fifty fresh new styles for babies and children all the way to 14 years of age.

Creative Director and Designer, Laila Aguilar pours a lot of herself into this new collection, it's a personal reflection on a perfect day, one filled with love and with family.

You'll find prints of puppets, doughnuts and suns that are evocative of cartoon movies and horses that reflect Laila's love of the equestrian world. And of course colour, lots of colour and a whole heap of fun!


You'll often find a softer, more romantic side to the collection and this season is no exception, the White Flowers print is just beautiful  - we have the Clam Shorts and the Wolf Shirt in this print.

Fans of floral will be super excited by the Beige Flower print, we loved it so much we brought it across 7 stunning styles for both babies and older kids. The super cute, ruffled Kiwi Skirt just flew at launch and I'm afraid we only have one left in age 2 left at the time of writing but with tops, tank tops, pants and a sweatshirt still to choose from you won't be disappointed!

The popular Hamster Caps have had a bit of a makeover this season and are now more easily adjustable and, from the new line of swimsuits, we think you'll love the Clownsuit Swimsuit -  the long sleeves and cut give off a seriously sweet retro vibe.

It's another gloriously eclectic collection from The Animals Observatory and with some styles and sizes already completely sold out you might not want to wait til Spring, online now whilst stocks last!


February 03, 2023 — Georgia Ashby

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