We put the Maileg House of Minature Dollhouse back in the shop window during lockdown (the shop itself remains closed but items are regularly collected from there for online orders). It's always drawn inquisitive faces to our window and we thought that it might prove fun over lockdown for anyone passing by on their daily exercise to 'spot the difference'! Equally, it has to be said, I'm not adverse to a little tinker with the mice and the girls have enjoyed coming up with different ideas at home for me to re-enact at the shop.

We had the most fun ever creating something rather topical this week and we were surprised just how easy it was to do thanks to the incredible attention to detail on the Maileg mice and accessories. Everything you see in the photos comes from the shop except the teeny tiny loo rolls which I whiled an evening away making (yes really!)

It's the Easter holidays here in the UK and we are taking a welcome break from home schooling. Having everyone home 24/7 coupled with being charged with providing some form of basic education is a challenge in itself! Throw work into the mix and by the end of the second week I was frazzled. It looks increasingly likely that the schools won't return until September......one week at a time I guess....

The school room we set up is truly representative of all the Friday feels, the only thing that's missing is the miniature bottle of gin!! We also sell the little felted cacti and succulents you can see in this scene, they're made by Felt So Good and come with a no prickle guarantee! Fairtrade and handmade in Nepal, we have a few of these at home and in the office over at the warehouse and love them, no maintenance and pretty to boot! 

We hadn't planned creating a whole house originally, it just evolved that way! The project actually started life with our stockpiling mice in the kitchen  - we have a rather naughty King Dad and Queen Mum Mouse together with Chef Mouse surrounded by masses of bread, cheese, baked beans, cereals, coffee and condiments made up variously from the vintage food grocery box and vintage picnic set!

Groceries are not the only thing these cheeky little mice have been bulk-buying though, up in the bathroom we have a whole family surrounded by weeks worth of toilet roll! Racer Dad Mouse is joined by Mum Mouse in Sweater and Plaid Skirt and one of the tiny Matchbox Mouse Twins whilst Big Sister Spa and Wellness Mouse takes relaxing bath in a teacup!

The hospital and nurse scenes are a small tribute to all of the incredible work our medical staff are doing the world over at this time. We have a small team of nurse mice tending to a whole family of poorly mice! The nurse outfit is actually sold as a stand-alone item to fit mum mouse as well as a complete nurse character. We have more outfits than we do mice at home and the girls enjoy dressing and undressing them, choosing a different outfit each day, they really are one of their go-to toys.

The full Maileg collection is available to view online and we have so many more characters in addition to the mice. They are a beautiful heirloom toy, made to last and be passed down. If you are local and take Kensington Gardens in on your daily walk don't forget to take a peek inside our window!

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