V-10 Teen Lace Leather Trainers in Extra White / Natural / Almond by Veja



V-10 Teen Lace Chromefree Leather Trainers by Veja. The V-10 model, made from a combination of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, symbolises 10 years of love.  Reinforced sole and built-up toe to better meet children’s needs. 

Colour - Extra White / Natural / Almond.

Upper: Suede, Panels: Suede & Chromefree Leather, V: 26% Amazonian rubber, Insole: 55% Sugar Cane & 19% organic cotton, Outsole: 31% Amazonian rubber, Lining: 100% recycled polyester, Straps: Suede.

Product Code: CX0703426C.