Hello Kitty 3D Lip Balm in Cherry by Take Care


Hello Kitty 3D Lip Balm by Take Care. Lip balm with fruity and delicate flavours that naturally protects fragile lips by forming a protective film that acts as a natural barrier against external elements. The enriched formula of lip balm offers a creamy texture that melts instantly on your lips as soon as you apply it. This balm takes care of your lips all day long.

Without mineral oil and without colouring. It consists of vitamin E, Candelila wax, and Carnauba wax. Vegan.

TakeCare is a vegan beauty brand from France with adorable characters and natural ingredients. TakeCare's mission is to accompany you through everyday life with products that brighten your day, bring comfort and promote your overall well-being. All products are composed of at least 95% natural ingredients.

Product Code: 40509547