Walk This World At Christmas Time by Debbie Powell


Brand Big Picture Press

Walk this World at Christmas Time celebrates the similarities, as well as the exotic differences in the way people celebrate Christmas around the globe, from typical culinary treats, to special songs to sing, clothes to wear and presents to give.  Exchange gifts with skaters on the Rockefeller Ice Rink in New York, light a campfire in the hills of South Africa, meet Italy's Befana, break the oplatek wafer in Poland or decorate a banana tree in Goa.  The illustrations are busy, warm and fascinating, with many hidden lift-flaps from page to page.

Debbie Powell graduated in 2007 with a degree in Illustration from The Arts Institute Bournemouth and joined The Artworks.  Silkscreen printing, collage and painting all play a part in creating Debbie's imagery. Some of Debbie's clients to date have included Marks and Spencer, Penguin, Jamie Oliver, Walker Books and The Independent.

Hardback: 24 pages.

30cm x 20cm.

Age:  3-7 Years.

ISBN:  9781783702763.

junior design award