Touch! My Big Touch And Feel Word Book By Xavier Deneux


Children love learning to name objects, and they are in for a multisensory treat with this big book containing 150 words and 30 touch-and-feel elements.  Featuring many things familiar in a young child's world, this big, thick volume helps young readers build vocabulary and develop picture and word associations.  Their learning is reinforced with textures like a soft blanket, the smooth skin of a dolphin and a rough sack.

Xavier Deneux studied at Beaux-Arts de Paris and trained as a set designer early in his career.  He has since then has applied a lifelong passion for child development to more than 100 books, including the TouchThinkLearn series.  He lives in Paris, France.

Hardback: 24 pages.

25cm x 25cm.

Age: 0-4 Years.

ISBN: 9782745981783.