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The Sun Is Yellow by Kveta Pacovská


Brand Tate Publishing

The Sun is Yellow is a masterpiece of the art of books for children.  With plenty of windows to open and hidden characters to discover, it offers an enchanting adventure through the magical world of colour.  

We follow the story of a sad monochrome snail who is taken - along with the reader - through a world of colour by his frog friend.  By turning wheels, opening windows, and peering through die-cuts, readers can explore the ways colours interact.  As the story progresses, the snail and his shell takes on a spectrum of colour.  The artwork and throughout is a kaleidoscope of colour shades and combinations, from bright and vivid to grey and dreary, with everything in between.  The print quality is exceptional, and gives an extra dimension to the incredible artwork. 

Kveta Pacovská, born in Prague in 1928, is one of the greats of modern book illustration. Her unique style and unparalleled skill in creating books that fire the imagination and entice wonder in children of all ages has won her international acclaim.  In 1992, Pacovská won the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest and most prestigious international award for children's book authors and illustrators.

Hardback: 32 pages.

22cm x 29cm.

Age: 3-8 Years.

ISBN: 9781849760645.

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