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The Five Senses by Hervé Tullet


Brand Tate Publishing

This is a book that will tickle all the senses.  Divided into six chapters, it explores through pictures the five senses – See, Hear, Smell, Touch and Taste.  In the first chapter, See it explores colours, faces, shapes, a mirror image and eye exercises. Hear imagines the sounds of the birds singing, when it’s break time in school (you can rustle the cellophane page) or hear bees buzzing, sneezing, laughter or a big traffic jam.  The colours used are bold and vibrant to explain sound – the brighter they are the louder the sound.  Smell explores bad smells and good smells while Touch uses colour to explain hot (red), cold (blue and white) or the alphabet at your fingertips with a page of braille, as well as loving and touching in simple painted shapes.  Taste gives examples of different foods and the strawberry page with a bite taken out.  Finally, there is the 6th Sense...

Hervé Tullet’s clear concepts accompanied by brash, colourful images make this an ideal book to learn about the different senses through illustration.This charming book is a kaleidoscope of colour and quirky design ideas, including a distorting mirror, a Braille alphabet and a page of forks specially adapted for eating peas.  Packed with humour, it will tickle the senses of every reader.

Hervé Tullet, who divides his time between New York and France, is known for his prodigious versatility, from directing ad campaigns to designing fabric for Hermes. His real love is working with children, for whom he has created dozens of books.

Paperback: 144 pages.

22.5cm x 16.5cm.

Age: 3-6 Years.

ISBN: 9781854377746.

junior design award