Presto Change-O by Edouard Manceau


Brand Abrams & Chronicle Books

Here you’ll find a magic book where all is not what it seems.  For when you turn each object round - Presto Change-O - the unexpected will be seen.  See the raccoon hiding in a magic cauldron?  The owl pretending to be a clock?  The lion masquerading as a flower?  A rabbit hiding in a hot-air balloon?  Kids will love working magic with just a few simple turns - and a few rhyming verses - that transform everyday objects into familiar creatures.  Simple manipulations for little hands make this a literal page turner.

Edouard Manceau is a graduate of art school in France and has lived around the world.  His illustrations include drawing, painting, photography and collage.  He also teaches art workshops to children.

Hardback: 10 pages.

30cm x 25cm.

Age: 3-6 Years.

ISBN: 9782848019444.

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