PlayTabs Body by Stéphanie Babin & Ilaria Falorsi


Preschool children learn how special their bodies are in this innovative format, featuring three pull-tabs on each spread.  Pull a tab to see how to take care of your body or what our five senses are, and push a tab to take a close look at an X-ray of a skeleton!  With just the right amount of age-appropriate information, The Human Body is the perfect title to add to any young child's library of nonfiction books.  Big, sturdy tabs to push and pull are ideal for little hands and make for great learning fun in the PlayTabs nonfiction series.  

Stéphanie Babin is an author of books for young children, particularly nonfiction and interactive titles.  She lives in Paris, France.  Ilaria Falorsi was born in Florence, Italy in 1982, where she still lives and work as a freelance illustrator.  Her favourite subjects for drawing are female figures and nature, and she enjoys using pencils or fine tip pens to illustrate small sketchbooks in her trademark curvy style.  Since 2009 she has illustrated several children's books (especially in France).

Board Book: 12 pages.

25.5cm x 22cm.

Age: 0-5 Years.

ISBN: 9782408008505.