Nail Polish in Polly (Powder Pink Glitter) by Nailmatic Kids


Gentle water-based nail varnish in Polly - a glittery powder pink - by Nailmatic Kids.  All Nailmatic Kids nail varnishes can be removed with warm soapy water or in the bath.  Nailmatic Kids nail varnishes don't contain any aggressive chemicals - they are just colourful and fun!  Does not stain.

Free from phthalates, formaldeyhyde, toluene and fragrance.  Dermatologically tested.  Vegan.

Colour - Polly (Powder Pink Glitter).

Recommended for children 3+.

We love these cool nail varnishes by Nailmatic Kids - kids can wear nail varnish for a fun event without staining their clothes, and then wash it off afterwards!