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Make Faces by Tupera Tupera


Brand Abrams & Chronicle Books

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Make faces—make art!  Fifty-two images of everyday and unexpected objects provide the perfect canvases for creating funny, quirky and completely original faces.  Just add eyes, noses, mouths, ears, hair and more from 6 re-usable vinyl sticker sheets packed with expressive features and other amusing accessories.  Give a sunny–side up egg zipped lips, add a moustache and mix and match eyes and brows.  Make the moon (and a dumpling and a baseball) happy, or sad, or mad.  And don't stop there—doodle and add speech bubbles to complete the characters.  It's the ultimate face book!

Tupera Tupera is the Tokyo-based art and design firm of the artists Tatsuya Kameyama and Atsuko Nakagawa.  Stars on the rise in Japan, their books are now being published in Europe as well.

Novelty Cardboard Book: 52 pages.

18cm x 29cm.

Age: 3-7 Years.

ISBN: 9781452139302.

junior design award