How to Talk to a Tiger… and other animals: How Critters Communicate in the Wild by Jason Bittel & Kelsey Buzzell


Ever wanted to talk to a tiger? Or chatter with a cheetah? Or yak with a yak?

This book brings together a babble of more than 100 beasties and explores the amazing ways they talk to each other – from fish that fart, to alligators that dunk, to fire worms that flash, you’ll discover that wildlife have the strangest ways of sending a message…

In his own words, Jason Bittel “writes about weird animals for a living”. He contributes to National Geographic News, Smithsonian Magazine, and Washington Post, Nature and Slate, and serves up science for picky eaters on his website, Bittel Me This.  Kelsey Buzzell is an Oregon-born designer, illustrator, teacher, cat-lover, thrifty-vintage finder and avocado eater living in Springfield, Oregon. 

Hardback: 64 pages.

24.4cm x 30cm.

Age: 7-10 Years.

ISBN: 9781913520076.