Fo 3D Cube Crackle T Shirt Top by Ine De Haes - Last One In Stock - 6-7 Years


Brand Ine De Haes

Fo 3D cube crackle T shirt by Ine De Haes.  Cap sleeve and draped fit.  Ine De Haes uses innovative fabric techniques to create a permanent cube effect on the fabric, so that when it drapes it falls into 'cubes'.  This feature is permanently pressed into the fabric and will not wash out.  Just stunning!

Colour - Indigo.

100% tencel, natural indigo dyed.

Cold wash, cool iron.

Made in Belgium.

We love, love, love the architectural 3D cube effect on this T shirt by Ine De Haes, it is stunning when it drapes into cubes.  Amazing quality too.

junior design award