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Fish by Owl & Dog Playbooks


Brand Owl & Dog Playbooks

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Fish by Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang.  Read and learn some facts about 8 different fish. Punch them out and fold to play.  "Mackerel are oily fish, stripey and blue, they swim with their friends in a school like a crew. Together they travel..."  Contains 8 sheets, which are ready to punch-out with folding lines.

Owl & Dog Playbooks is an independent children's book publisher, set up by London based multi-disciplinary design studio Yang Ripol (Claudio Ripol and Yeonju Yang).  Their innovative books promote playing and learning, encouraging interaction between children and their parents.  The Owl in their name represents reading and Dog represents playfulness - the books are designed to be read and used creatively, with new, unusual formats containing plenty to discover, surprise and delight.

Set of 8 ready-to-play sheets.

21cm x 27cm.

Age: 3-7 Years.

ISBN: 9780993517426.

junior design award