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Do You See What I See? by Helen Borten


Brand Flying Eye Books

In this new edition of the 1960s classic, Helen Borten introduces children to art and the beauty of the world around them.  Everywhere we see lines and shapes and colors that influence our daily lives.  The important link between seeing and feeling is the basis of visual arts and an indispensable key to understanding and appreciation.  With vivid poetic word imagery, exciting pictures and a masterful use of color, Helen Borten introduces children to all the wonders the visual world can provide!

Helen Borten was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1930.  She attended the Philadelphia Museum College of Art and produced the main body of her well-loved children's picture book illustrations in the 1960s.

Hardback: 48 pages.

18.5cm x 26cm.

Age: 3 to 7 Years.

ISBN: 9781909263840.

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