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Dear World AW17 Petit Book by Bobo Choses

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Brand Bobo Choses

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Dear World was the source of inspiration and starting point for Bobo Choses Autumn-Winter 2017 collection.  In the book, little Jacques Cousteau gives his ideas on how to love and care for the sea.  The book tells a lovely sweet story, and is full of the beautiful illustrations that appear in the AW17 collection.

Dear world, you contain so many beautiful and lovely things for all of us: the tall trees, the mountains with its sweet smelling flowers and the blue skies with all the bird on it.  But the seas are what I like the most of you...  

Bobo Choses speaks the language of children. Their core values are creativity, passion, honesty and a sense of humour.  Have fun!

Hardback: 24 pages.

16.5cm x 24cm.

Age: 2 to 7 Years.

junior design award