Count On Me by Miguel Tanco


A young girl sees the world differently in this beautiful picture book celebration of maths.

Everyone has a passion. For some, it's music. For others, it's art. For our heroine, it's maths. When she looks around the world, she sees maths in all the beautiful things: the concentric circles a stone makes in a lake, the curve of a slide, the geometric shapes in the playground. Others don't understand her passion, but she doesn't mind. There are infinite ways to see the world. And through maths is one of them.  This book is a gorgeous ode to something vital but rarely celebrated. In the eyes of this little girl, math takes its place alongside painting, drawing and song as a way to ponder the beauty of the world.

Miguel Tanco is a children's book author and illustrator born in Extremadura in Spain. He teaches illustration and organises creative workshops with children and illustrators around Europe.  He has published over 40 children's books and has received numerous awards.

Hardback: 48 pages.

26.7cm x 26.7cm.

Age: 3-7 Years.

ISBN: 9780735265752.