Cotton Candy Limited Edition Print by Mrs Mighetto

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Brand Mrs Mighetto

Limited edition Cotton Candy print by Mrs. Mighetto.  Package includes story card with character description.  Not all cotton candy is bad for your health.  Some of these wispy pink clouds allow you to forget and carry on dreaming.  It may sound like a fantasy but in some places this is entirely possible.  Some memories must be erased or paused so they don’t get in the way of thinking big and performing miracles.

From The Forgotten Tivoli limited edition collection for AW17:

No one believes in the histories of the forgotten tivoli anymore.  Like a story fallen by the wayside of time.  For many years, the tivoli was spoken of but now it seems to have been lost to memory.  There were stories of figures with special powers who could stop time and were able to hide from the world.  Rumour has it that a few selected heroes were concealed in a very secret place when evil attempted to eradicate good.  But that was so long ago that no one even tries to discover the truth...

50cm x 70cm.

Colour - Watercolour.

Printed on 170g Munken Polar Rough matte paper to maintain the nice feel of the original in watercolour.

We love this magical print by Mrs. Mighetto, from the limited edition The Forgotten Tivoli collection.

junior design award