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Bruno Munari's ABC By Bruno Munari


Brand Abrams & Chronicle Books

In this imaginative ABC, acclaimed artist, designer and children's author, Bruno Funari shows how fun letters can be.  From an Ant on an Apple to a Blue Butterfly to a Cat in a Cage, Munari pairs words in whimsical ways until Fly frees itself from its page, lands on the Hat, buzzes near the Ice Cream and provides the final sound for Zzzzz.

Bruno Munari was an internationally acclaimed artist, graphic designer and children's book creator.  His series of children's books, including Bruno Munari's ABC, was extremely successful and translated into several languages.  He received many prizes and awards, including the Andersen Prize for best children's author of 1974.

Hardback: 48 pages.

30cm x 22cm.

Age: 2-6 Years.

ISBN: 9780811854634.

junior design award