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Bear Wadudu Lining Boots by Donsje


Brand Donsje

Wadudu Lining Boots by Donsje. These leather boots have a strong, sturdy outsole and are lined with shearling to offer comfort, warmth and protection for the wearer. They can be slipped easily, but stay on securely whilst children walk, run and play. These boots are both handmade and fair-trade. 


Size Guide with foot length:

(recommended to order size larger)

EUR 23 / UK 6 / 13.7cm
EUR 24 / UK 7 / 14.3cm
EUR 25 / UK 8 / 15.0cm
EUR 26 / UK 8.5 / 15.7cm
EUR 27 / UK 9 / 16.3cm
EUR 28 / UK 10 / 17.0cm
100% premium leather with 100% sheep wool shearling lining.

Style - Bear.

We love these unique winter boots by Donsje.

junior design award