Arona Merino Wool Seamless Leggings in Thunder Blue by Minimalisma


Brand Minimalisma

Merino wool seamless leggings by Minimalisma.   Super soft stretchy elastic waistband and plain hem.  No irritating side seams and a highly stretchable tubular fabric for superior comfort and longevity.  Each piece is designed to fit for a longer period while the child keeps growing, and to be washed repeatedly but still remain in good-enough condition to pass on to the next child.

Merino wool is insulating and breathable and has a natural thermoregulation ability to ensure that your baby can maintain an ideal body temperature, allowing the skin to breathe easily in summer and hold heat in winter.

Colour - Thunder Blue.

100% Merino Wool.

We love the merino wool content in these leggings from Minimalisma, for its feel, fit and special properties for sensitive skin.

junior design award