ABC Is For Circus by Patrick & Emily Hruby


ABC Is For Circus celebrates the colourful and festive world of the circus through each letter of the alphabet. Young children will enjoy memorising letters and words like A is for Acrobats, B is for Big Top, and C is for Calliope in this imaginative, hardcover book.

Brother and sister team Patrick and Emily Hruby collaborated on this charming little book.  As kids growing up in a log cabin in the woods of Idaho, they were raised loving the abundant nature all around them.  Emily often made up poetic stories for Patrick’s imaginative drawings.  Patrick Hruby grew up to study math and physics before attending the renowned Art Center College of Design and pursuing a career as an illustrator.  His interest in the geometry of nature is central to his work.  Influenced by artists and designers such as Charley Harper, Paul Rand, and Mary Blair, Hruby has gone on to develop his own stunning and modern aesthetic.  Emily Hruby's love of literature, language, and traveling led her to graduate studies in English to ultimately pursue a career as a writer.  As a child she was endlessly amazed by her older brother Patrick's artistic talent.  As adults, they continue to collaborate on creative projects and travel together in the hunt for adventure and new inspiration.

Hardback: 56 pages.

22.5cm x 22.5cm.

Age: 2 to 5 Years.

ISBN: 9781623261078.