Mars Box Of 10 Metallic Coloured Pencils by Chronicle Books


Box of 10 metallic colouring pencils by Chronicle Books.  A set of 10 metallic coloured pencils featuring photos from NASA in a sleek and sturdy case with a push out drawer that can be used for storing the pencils.  The 10 pencils are pre-sharpened and feature printed labels for red planet exploration and identification: Hellas Planitia, North Polar Ice Cap, Sand Dunes, Red Planet, Dust Devil, Olympus Mons, Aeolis Mons, Noctis Labyrinthus, Crisp Crater and Dust Storm.

The premium coloured lead in these pencils is very soft.  For best results, please use a manual sharpener.

Colour - Pack of 10 Mixed.

We love these brilliant colouring pencils by Chronicle Books.