ABC Outékaché Search And Find Game by Vilac

By Vilac

ABC Outékaché search and find game by Vilac.  A game of observation and speed: you must be the first to find the picture that matches each letter.  To play, all the pieces are placed on the table face up.  One player takes a card and shows it to the other players.  The first to find a tile whose illustration begins with the letter of the card wins the tile.  Beautifully designed by specialist French toymakers Vilac, and produced in the Vilac workshop in the Jura Mountains in France.  Vilac have been producing timeless heirloom toys since 1911.

In English.

25cm x 25cm x 6cm.

Product code 2161.

Complies with EU Safety Directive.

Recommended for 5-99 Years.

We love this fun memory game by Vilac, a quality heirloom toy.