Mabli AW23

Mabli AW23

Mabli is a family-run brand based in Wales, specialising in natural knitwear for children, as well as an ever-growing offering for adults too.

Launched back in October 2016 (and stocked here at Junior Edition since AW18)  Welsh designer Lisa Roberts is an experienced women's knitwear designer who often had envisaged her designs in miniature. Her passion for childrenswear design had always been strong, even before becoming a mother, and once Lisa started a family and returned to her roots in Wales Mabli was born.  

Soor Ploom  - Cosy Coats and Knitwear

Soor Ploom - Cosy Coats and Knitwear

Soor Ploom is one of those really special brands, exquisite designs that are beautifully executed. Ethically and sustainably produced heirloom pieces that are made to worn. passed down and loved again (and definitely one of the most popular brands in our pre-loved department, ReEdition). Soor Ploom embodies everything we love about slow fashion.

Hvid  - Soft, Pure and Kind

Hvid - Soft, Pure and Kind

Belgium based Hvid, founded by Caroline Camerlynck, make exquisitely crafted knitted goods for babies and young children. From blankets and booties to cold weather accessories, cocoons and comforters. These are heirloom pieces to treasure, perfect in every way.

When the Danish speak of hvid', they speak of the purest colour of all: white - a colour that is as fresh as snow and soft as milk.  Interestingly, every Hvid design is first made in pure white, to create the finest subtleties in the pattern and find the perfect weight. There is a genuine commitment to producing the very finest, luxury, soft knitted goods possible that is reflected in the beauty of every piece produced.