Hvid  - Soft, Pure and Kind

Hvid - Soft, Pure and Kind

Belgium based Hvid, founded by Caroline Camerlynck, make exquisitely crafted knitted goods for babies and young children. From blankets and booties to cold weather accessories, cocoons and comforters. These are heirloom pieces to treasure, perfect in every way.

When the Danish speak of hvid', they speak of the purest colour of all: white - a colour that is as fresh as snow and soft as milk.  Interestingly, every Hvid design is first made in pure white, to create the finest subtleties in the pattern and find the perfect weight. There is a genuine commitment to producing the very finest, luxury, soft knitted goods possible that is reflected in the beauty of every piece produced.

Poudre Organic: Para Sempre

Poudre Organic: Para Sempre

Poudre Organic is the brainchild of Manon and Quentin who, having struggled to find affordable ecological and natural clothing for their third child, started to make a range of simple, practical and beautiful clothing for their daughters. Inspired by fabrics such as organic cotton muslin gauze and traditional, vintage styling this evolved into a much admired collection of clothing that other people both loved and wanted too and so in 2014, Poudre Organic was born.

As the name itself suggests, everything in the collection is organic and the clothing itself is ethically made in Portugal using only the softest organic cottons that are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified as well as other low energy materials such as linen. Their designs are lovingly put together in small scale surroundings where the name of every seamstress is known to Manon and Quentin.