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Apolina SS24 Preview

Apolina's SS24 collection brings the mood of a group holiday in a beautiful old Mallorquin house – card games over breakfast, barefoot adventures in the gardens and late dinners in pretty dresses. Friends become like sisters and the magic of summertime childhood is all around.The eclectic colour palette brings together highlight pops of mango, seafoam and blue jay alongside subtle natural tones of dove, pale rose, milk and wren. Fun, vintage inspired prints convey the off-beat mood of the collection, giving kids the chance to create their own unique vision.

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion

Junior Edition is now 5 years old and, with the passage of time, we have become increasingly aware of the impact the fashion industry is having on both the planet and the people producing the clothing itself. Whilst we have always tried to make carefully considered choices, how we might be able to positively influence the future based on our decision making now has become increasingly important.

In more recent times we have started to adapt our buying practices, shifting focus to support, and bring, small volume artisan produced brands to our customers who have expressed a growing desire for 'Slow Fashion'.